QSXer Program -- Freeware

CommCat QSXer is a freeware application that serves as a bridge between CommCat Mobile for iOS and your radio. With QSXer and CommCat Mobile you can control your station remotely from anywhere an Internet connection is available. QSXer shows your current operating status on a world map and gives you a personal web site.

Click here to visit the MyQSX Activity Map and watch pins come and go as hams operate from around the world. Click a pin to open the info balloon for that station, and click the link in the balloon to visit their web site.

See a pin in a needed entity, state, or just want to chat? Tune your rig to their frequency and give them a call. Can't break through the pileup? Send them an e-mail to let them know you'd like a QSO.

Download CommCat QSXer, request an account, and you are ready to control your station from CommCat Mobile and go Live on the MyQSX site!

  • Control your station from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Connect your radio directly to QSXer. There is no need for a separate radio control/logging program.

  • Add an optional CommCat VoIP subscription for built-in 2-way audio.

  • Operate phone or CW with QSXer.

  • Show your operating status on the MyQSX Activity Map.

  • The Live data stream works with TRX Manager, Ham Radio Deluxe, Logic, and HAM-LOG.

  • Using CommCat Mobile for the iPhone/iPad, control Ham Radio Deluxe from anywhere!

  • Add a short note or greeting.

  • Create your own web site with personal info, bio, and an S-meter graph.

  • Visitors can send you e-mail through a form on your site that doesn't expose your e-mail address.

  • Hide QSXer in the System Tray.

  • Comprehensive online help provided.

Click the button to download now

Download the CommCat QSXer Setup program to a convenient location. Double-click the icon to start the install.

Follow the instructions to request your free QSXer account. Your registration code is sent via e-mail within seconds.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive the e-mail containing your registration code within a minute, make sure you have used a valid amateur callsign and check that your Spam filter hasn't diverted the message.

Turn off your antivirus software temporarily before downloading and installing.


QSXer Ease

Watch me! Getting Started Video

Read me! PDF QSXer Manual

Please visit http://www.commcat.com for more information about CommCat.